New Homes In Arizona & Texas

Are you looking to move to Arizona? Looking for new homes in Arizona? With the housing market where it is today it is a great time to buy a new home. LGI Homes is an Arizona home builder and they have a some great communities offering great location and affordable housing. LGI Homes has expanded their marketplace to Phoenix, Arizona recently offering the same great product they have been providing to Texas since 2003.

LGI Homes continues to offer new homes in Texas and also continues to offer their excellent customer service which is what has brought them to the top in the Texas area. LGI Homes is the leading Texas home builder for new homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and the San Antonio markets. The outstanding quality and customer service is what sets LGI apart from other builders. LGI Homes makes it a priority to provide high quality homes, affordable financing options, and a comfortable, no-stress home purchase process.

If you are looking for a new home in Texas or Arizona or are thinking of relocating to Texas or Arizona take a look at the fine homes LGI has to offer.


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