Iphone 5 Release Date

If you are like me you are long waiting the release of the Iphone 5. The release date is going to be announced at an October 4th company event. There are some rumors out there the I Phone 5 is not going to be called the IPhone5, but instead the IPhone 4S. The Iphone 5 or maybe the IPhone 4S is expected to have a larger screen size to try and compete with the Android phones. The IPhone is the world’s most popular smartphone since their launch in 2007, but the Google’s Android operating system is the most popular smart phone operating system because Android is supported on a large number of phones.

There is also a rumor on the internet Apple might be dropping the IPod because the IPhone, IPad and ITouch serve the same purpose. I’m wasn’t to sure I see this happening because I was thinking of my kids IPod shuffle’s, but the more I think about it I could see my kids using the ITouch for the games. So we will have to see what really happens with the IPod. I own an Android based phone right now the Motorola Droid, but I am switching to the new IPhone 5 when it is released. I’m looking forward to the change and can’t wait to see any new features the phone comes with.

October 4th is just around the corner so I hope when they announce the date it isn’t a December date


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